Work Smarter, Not Harder

Many of us think that in order to get in good shape, build muscle mass, or lose body fat we need to grind ourselves into the ground by doing endless hours of cardio, weight training or boring and tasteless diets day after day.

🔹Sure, this may eventually get you in good shape, but it will do so temporarily or at the expense of your happiness and mental well being, or even your physical state. If you continue to drill yourself into the ground through this approach, your body will eventually fall apart sooner or later. Your metabolism will be impacted, your hormonal homeostasis will fluctuate, and your capacity to maintain optimal physical conditions will be negatively impacted.

🔹Figure out what your body needs in order reach your desired goals, what you enjoy doing that could aid that process, and also know WHY you enjoy doing it. Knowing the 'why' will increase the liklihood that you keep up your hard work on a long term basis because you have a reason as to why you are putting in this effort to begin with.

🔹Efficiency is key, so don’t excessively and/or aimlessly go through the motions. Work smarter, not harder peeps.

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