Good Habits Consistently Vs. Perfect Habits Inconsistently

🍪How many of you have beaten yourself up for missing a #workout? For trying to convince yourself not to walk into the kitchen and eat that white choco chip cookie you guiltily bought (or 4 of them)? I sure as hell have.

🍕I’m here to remind you that when it boils down to it, those days didn’t really make an impact at all. Did you suddenly qualify for auditioning to be on “my 600lb life” from that extra slice of pizza you ate last night? Of course not. Just like you didn’t wake up with #abs looking like a cheese grater after doing a killer an circuit for the first time yesterday. One meal or workout is not the make or break. 

🍩The key to #results is #consistency. Strive to improve your #habits on a consistent basis, in opposition to struggling to maintain perfection day in and day out. Eating @luckysdoughnuts every so often is NOT going to make you fat. It’ll only make your taste buds sing. And being too busy with work to make it for a gym sesh last Tuesday didn’t make you fat either. 

❗️So, don’t be so hard on yourself! Live your life, just do so in conjunction with making the effort to adopt #healthy & consistent habits. In doing this, you won’t feel restricted or limited, but still reach your goals full throttle. Everything in #moderation, am I right? 

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