Fall in Love with the Process and not the Product in Order to Maintain Consistent Satisfaction

Many of us fall victim to becoming preoccupied and hung up on results. Immediate results. Realistically speaking (cuz y’know I’m a hard core realist), searching for immediate results is a sure fire way to become disappointed. 

The key to seeing progressive #results is consistency & dedication, there’s just no way around that. Now, how do you maintain consistent action to achieve desired results? 

Shift your #perception. In opposition to focusing your thoughts on where you would like to be, and how far away you are from reaching said goals, tune in on how far you’ve come thus far. Even if you are only one week, or even one workout in on your fitness journey-that is huge! You are one day or week closer to reaching your goals, and that is total worthy of applause. 

If you look at the #process as a whole, instead of purely your desired outcome, you increase your chances of maintaining that consistency, and therefor the inevitable results that you were initially wanting. 

Example: you just blew your whole pay check on new #lulu #leggings and want your 🍑 to look trés plump in the overpriced (but undeniably nice) fabric. In order to do this you set a goal of being able to #squat 10 times at a weight of 95lbs. Week 1 started with bar only (45lbs) squats. Week 2 progressed to 65lb squats. Week 3 progresses further to 95lb squats for 8 reps. Week 4 you finally reached your goal of squatting 95lbs for 10 reps. Now, during week 2 were you pissed that you only squatted 65 lbs? In week 3 were you disappointed you only squatted 8 times but at your desired weight? Probably not!!! Why? Because you saw your steady progression. You focused on the process and not the end product. 

Point to take home: congratulate yourself on your #fitness process as a whole and you will inevitably maintain satisfaction that will fuel your drive to continue setting (and crushing!) your #goals

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