I am an avid and passionate fitness fanatic with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness world. Through extensive involvement in a variety of fitness realms such as weightlifting, cheerleading, yoga, and the wealth of knowledge I gained through my Bachelor of Kinesiology, I have a broad scope on the elements of many different exercise techniques. 


I believe that beyond looking good, fitness is a lifestyle; it’s a holistic way to improve your quality of life by exercising your physical body in conjunction with your mind. If you’re not going to make time for exercise now, you’ll in all likelihood make time for injury and illness later. With that in mind, I specialize in dynamic exercise programs that incorporate functional strength training and cardiovascular training for the improvement of muscle strength and tonicity, core strength and cardiovascular function - the fundamentals to achieve a healthier you. 

Being a very energetic and caring individual, I take pride and find joy in helping people like you reach and crush fitness goals. I will incorporate individualized fitness strategies, increase your confidence levels, and provide you with educational information about health and nutrition so you can be more informed and make this journey sustainable for the rest of your life.